10 weeks from Fights to Support.

So you can remove the gridlock and build a deeper connection you deserve.



Heated Discussions that lead to nowhere 

Continued Sense of Loneliness

Lack of Trust (despite your best efforts to make your partner understand)

Gridlock that has blocked all the love that was there previously

Loss of Self Respect in the relationship

Reduced Attraction between the two of you 

  DON'T WORRY...  


Angela Myers

"This course has been a great match for me!! At the end of this course I am feeling positive and joyful."


"This course showed me to view myself from a different perspective, of that I am grateful!"

Deborah Mullane

"I found it informative. Very relaxing. I now have a new view on my negative thoughts that will help me to regain my positive ways."

Your small changes will reap Big Rewards!

Most of us tend to take relationships for granted. 

If you say to yourself “Of course I want my partner to meet all of my needs and fulfill all of my desires!”, then Kamal Khurana suggests that you discover the secrets from this course so you can become blissfully satisfied in your relationship. 

Yes, for many of us this is not so easy because despite all the effort, we don't know why it doesn't work out.

We all wonder "what's the need to learn how to love, how to be a real couple".

It's only when we feel trapped and overwhelmed that our old wounds start to surface.

Our resistance toward uncomfortable emotions makes us run away from indulging in meaningful dialogues.

As a result we are unable to figure out what's really going on in the relationship.

For the unlucky ones, continued ambiguity and frustration leads to a break up. 

Ask yourself - 

1. Do you know how to truly listen in a way that your partner feels heard?

2. Do you know how to validate your partner’s needs without invalidating your own?

3. Do you know how to stop a different-ness in your personality or turning an unpleasant argument that could last for years into less than 3 minutes!

That’s what you will learn in this course.

You can have a soulful connection with your partner, too.

This course turns the traditional relationship “how they must be’” on its head and offers an exploration of self-discovery and personal empowerment that does more for romantic love as well as for all our interpersonal relationships. Thousands of people just like you have learned how to create the relationship of their dreams.

Do you have the commitment to learn and implement what we teach to our in-person clients? 

CAUTION: This journey is not for BLAMERS.

If you have the courage to face your own self-limiting beliefs, work inwards and let the love from within transform the outside.

Get ready for change because only then you can develop the needed skills, only then you can get what you desire, ABSOLUTELY.

Because you don't deserve a loveless life...


You don't deserve a loveless life. YOU'RE ENTITLED TO LOVE.

Nine video modules with DIY solutions.

Each module gives you an action plan with important insights, practical tips, tools and techniques to unlock love in your relationship and build a stable and soulful long-term relationship.


THE 71-DAY JOURNEY: You have immediate access to all 9 modules so you can learn these powerful strategies anytime anywhere, one by one or binge watch it if you like!

We recommend doing one module every week to (a) get the time you need to grasp the concepts and (b) implement the techniques you need to get your partner to start supporting you.



Learn how to :

  • Start the journey by building the base - friendship!
  • Shift from thinking to action orientation
  • Get inspiration to focus on "What CAN be done"



Learn how to:

  • Use the Relationship Square Method to get the results you aspire!
  • Own your partner while owning yourself as well
  • Establish integrity that your partner longs for



Learn how to:

  • Know What Your Partner Needs!
  • Know Yours & Your Partner's Emotional Needs
  • Know Your Partner's Specific Needs
  • Meet Emotional & Specific Needs of Your Partner in a way that they start reciprocating
  • Understand deeper reasons behind your partner's behavior & words



Learn how to:

  • Give love from your true self while remembering your limits
  • Use the power of giving love to change the way your partner sees you & your relationship
  • Attract & inspire your partner by making him/her feel special
  • Use the Pre-requisites of Relationship Square to establish stability
  • Set the boundaries where you can't give love



Learn how to:

  • Notice & cherish the love response of your partner
  • Receive love that you deserve from your partner
  • Ask what you want from your partner in a way that they understand & respond
  • Use the powerful tool -"Connection talk" to create a shared understanding with your partner

Plus, get BONUS access to...



Learn how to:

  • Identify the Underlying factors behind any fight
  • Handle the Fear of Rejection
  • Leverage the Differentness in Thoughts & Personality of Both of You
  • Identify the faulty ways to handle a fight
  • Use the Fights to create friendship
  • Build a culture of appreciation



Learn how to:

  • Work on negative thinking
  • Get over the Past
  • Get Over Jealousy
  • Get Over Obsession
  • Stop Overdoing things in the Relationship
  • Shift from Agreement Disagreement Cycle
  • Break the Patterns of Domination & Submission



Learn how to:

  • Build Resilience to handle Special Situations in the Relationship
  • Handle the 3rd Person in the Relationship
  • Deal with In-laws
  • Solve Money Matters
  • Cross the Parenting Hurdle
  • Enhance Emotional & Physical Intimacy



Learn how to :

  • Explore the dynamics of your specific problem and develop a means to achieve the goals that are CRITICAL to your relationship's success.
  • Become autonomously motivated to DO THINGS and create results quickly.
  • Identify Strengths, Absolutely Essential Opportunities & Non-Negotiable Boundaries you need for relationship to be healthy and enjoyable for BOTH of you!
  • Become accountable and have willingness to learn, grow, and adapt.
  • Creatively devise practical action steps to create possibilities.



Learn how to :

  • Learn from ready reference of real life success stories of people(names changed) who have been in similar situations.
  • Have a practical point of view of the concepts shared in the course.
  • Identify opportunities and simplify the complex & qualitative concepts
  • Enhance motivation and willingness to see from a different perspective

Say "HI" to your mentor.

~ Meet Kamal Khurana ~

Kamal Khurana

Most people don’t know the answer to: How to be happy? In his teens Kamal experienced teenage loneliness. He was a fan of positive psychology & spirituality. After completing his engineering and management studies, he discovered that the path to happiness is through purposeful pursuit of your goals.

Success according to Kamal comes with the right understanding, commitment to the cause and the right effort. To apply his learning, he built a unique DIY process to boost mental fitness and validated it with over 5,000 clients.

Kamal is a renowned Relationship Coach with a thriving coaching practice and with a Masters & PhD in Psychology. He now coaches men and women to create thriving relationships and his blogs, videos, online courses and books have been experienced by thousands of people all over the world.

I’ve written a book about it.

I’ve delivered seminars on it.

I’ve even created the most sought-after online program teaching its transformational power to individuals and couples around the world.

For anyone looking for an effective way to eliminate the blocks and obstacles that hold them back from fulfilling relationships… It may just be the answer they’ve been looking for.

Want to learn more about the transformational power of Relationship Square? And how to rebuild their relationship at the same time…

Fighting for survival in this busy and chaotic world, we just don’t have time to keep doing this for years...Do we?


High Impact Unique Relationship Square Method


Transformation Video Modules (3+ hours videos) = $1800


Dealing with Specific Situation BONUS Video = $197


Self-coaching BONUS Questions = $497


Real-life Success Stories of People (names changed) = $197


Practical Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Special = $27


Getting Over Your Mind BONUS Video = $197


... or $2,915 if you need an exact number.

** No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee (see below) **



You have 14 days after you buy to decide if this is for you. If you realize you don't need or want 71-days of relationship coaching, or if you see what's on offer here and don't like it for any reason, email us within 14 days of your purchase and we'll give you a 100% refund.

Have questions?

See our answers to the most common questions below.

  • How will this program benefit me?

    You will learn how to:

    Neutralize the frustration that is slowly taking away love from your relationship.

    Inspire your partner to support you in your pursuit of rebuilding the relationship.

    Ask your partner for things that you really need for yourself and for the relationship.

    Get the practical step by step way to know your partner again.

    Shift from disagreements to collaboration thereby getting respect and understanding.

    Restart your relationship from a fresh, exciting and passionate position.

  • Is this course really going to work for me?

    Anyone who asks this question has a doubt on their own self. And that's normal. Yet, despite your doubt, if you act on whatever knowledge we share with you through this course, your relationship will move towards positive from where it is as of now.

    And we say this because people share their experience with us everyday. All it takes is your first step. And that step needs to be backed by your own rock solid commitment. You need that powerful little insight that we will provide you with and you can change the dynamics in relationships, SURELY.

    Everything we will share in this course is something that HAS WORKED FOR THOUSANDS of our clients in their real-life situations.

    We know it's surely going to work for you too, only if you're committed to make it happen.

  • What if my partner is not ready to do this course?

    What's more important is - Do you want to do it? If your answer is a yes, then you will create the results that you aspire. But yeah if your partner doesn't want to do the course - our advise is -
    1 ...Don't force your partner into it and don't make them feel guilty.
    2 ... Commit to yourself, that you are going to make it happen on your own.

    After all the word 'relationship' is based out of relating. Relating means 'to relate'. So you will learn how to relate to your partner in a way that your partner starts relating to you. Because only when your partner believes that you relate to him/her truly, you can ask your partner things that you want for yourself. This is actually a very simple technique, which you will see working. Of course you need to understand the science behind this technique and you need the tools.

    You need to be honest to yourself about - why you want to do this course WHILE ALSO honoring your partner for who they are and what they bring to your life. If you're honest, they'll likely want to go on this journey with you to create that friendship. Come on, who doesn't want that.

    Well on the other hand, if they still don't respond to your love, in that case, at least you are giving yourself a chance to focus on how you can grow and learn to make things better for yourself. You will be able to learn how to relate and be a better partner...and this will help you in future. Your partner will either have to anyway learn what to do with his/her life with you ... or he/she will lose you.

  • Is this course useful for me if there is infidelity, voilence, abuse, substance abuse or psychiatric illness in my relationship?

    Nobody's perfect. So no relationship can be ideal.

    At the same time, it's important to acknowledge that this program is NOT a substitute for therapy or counselling.

    If there is infidelity, voilence, abuse, substance abuse or psychiatric illness, we highly recommend that you must work with a professional therapist / psychiatrist or a counsellor who can see you consistently to help you heal that trauma.

    Though this course can complement therapy if your therapist, counsellor or psychiatrist approves of it.

    If there is ONGOING PHYSICAL ABUSE, INFIDELITY, SUBSTANCE ABUSE, PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESS in your relationship, this course may not be the right experience for you.

    There's no shame in getting the professional support from a therapist/ counsellor/ psychiatrist. Because you must solve first things first. Then you can come back and make the most out of this course.

Are you struggling with fights, misunderstandings, arguments, loneliness, all of it? And at times you feel so down that you want to give up?

There is something that can transform the quality of your relationship forever -- a secret that holds the key to your limitations and subsequent struggles.

You will be amazed.
The reason you aren’t making any success ISN'T because you are doing something WRONG.

It is because you have unconscious beliefs that are getting in the way -- beliefs that you have never known existed yet were holding you back in ways you can’t imagine.

Once you will learn how to clear yourself of those beliefs, everything will change.

If you don’t do anything about it, I’m sure you know that things will worsen -- more fights, frustration, anger outbursts and more.
Truth is…

The answer to improving your relationship is simple. You have to ‘get clean and clear’ of the unconscious blocks and beliefs that are holding me back from a great relationship. Then you will truly start attracting the support you desire from your partner. And that too with ease.

The best way to do this is with a simple yet highly powerful & effective blend of modern psychology and ancient spiritual transformation system.

Aren't you just a little bit curious?

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